Cartoonist & Illustrator


Días de Consuelo

Días de Consuelo is an intimate immigration memoir in the graphic tradition of “Persepolis” that connects the personal recollections of the author’s abuela with the storm of events that made up one of the most important uprisings of the 20th century: The Mexican Revolution. Graphic novel arriving from Radiator Comics, March 2022.



A short story made up of vignettes about immigrant life on the Rio Grande where Texas, New Mexico and Mexico meet. The main character, as in "Dias de Consuelo", is the author's grandmother, Consuelo, whose early life in the United States offers new opportunities--and new dangers. Stories contained within this small collection involve a brush with death, tequila smugglers and a magical wedding.


School of the Americas

Embodying the concept of the banality of evil, this zine features graduates of the School of the  Americas, historically a training ground for Latin American dictators and military leaders in the ways of counterinsurgency including torture, kidnapping and blackmail among other techniques. Located at Fort Benning, GA the SOA may have changed names but remains open as ever continuing with its immoral imperialist agenda. A portion of proceeds from sales of this zine will go to SOA Watch, an nonviolent grassroots advocacy organization determined to close the SOA.


Comics: Frame by Frame

I was invited by the ICA/ Boston Art Lab to create an interactive educational experience about telling stories through comics. I turned the art lab space into a comic book where participants were able to move the panels around to create a new narrative and experiment with telling their own stories.



This short story goes back and forth between a cheesy cable show about an allegedly-haunted Mexican hacienda and with the suspicious events that actually occurred there 100 years previous. A love triangle that is part mystery and part ghost story about how the formulaic, mediated illusions that we surround ourselves with exist independent of any truth. Winner of the Comics Workbook Composition Competition.


I'm Dave and I tell stories through the power of words and images.

Thanks for looking at my work. I make comics that aim to bring attention to Chicanx and Latinx experiences and history. In 2016, I was invited to create an interactive educational comics project in collaboration with the amazing team at the Art Lab at the Institute of Contemporary Art/ Boston. My comics have been featured at the Toronto Comic Arts Fair, Comic Arts Brooklyn, New York Art Book Fair, Boston Art Book Fair, Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, Latino Comics Expo and more. I also create and edit video media including motion graphics. If you're an art director, I'd love to discuss how we can work together on your project.